Company Circle

Benefits for up to 10 members of your organization include:

  • Access to our Discord Community: Access to Community Channels; Access to Supporting Member Channels; Access to Playtester Channel; Ability to playtest your own work; Video chat permissions
  • Access to our Facebook Community; Ability to post announcements
  • Post to or have announcements posted to our mailing list
  • Free attendance at our Workshop Series
  • We can act as a fiscal sponsor for grants: 5% administrative fee which includes tax filing services (if needed)
  • Access to our paid Zoom account
  • Access to hardware & software discounts via TechSoup
  • Templates: Production budgeting, Press kit basics, Grant application basics
  • Creative Resources: Submit (optional) & read from script database
  • Access to our Press List
  • Access to approved Member Project design docs
  • License to commercially produce approved Member Project published designs

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