Playable Theater Symposium

The IndieCade/Playable Theatre Live Action Games Online Symposium, taking place October 16th and 17th (Beijing Time), brings together interdisciplinary creators from around the world—from larp, interactive theatre, and pervasive games—to share knowledge, experience and techniques from this emerging artform. This international, multi-time-zone event will consist of 16 hours of programming over a 24-hour period, including workshops, playshops, roundtable, discussions, global round-ups, formal and informal networking/collaboration opportunities.

Speaker and scheduling announcements will be posted on the IndieCade website.

Enabling Creators

Playable Theatre aims to change the world by enabling creators, artists, and audiences to experience meaningful agency in live performance.


Playable Theatre is a benificiary organization. All the funds we raise go to supporting our members as they create playable works!


Playable Theatre is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and supports members across the U.S. and around the globe. If you’re looking to support the next generation of innovation in the arts, look no further.


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Playable Theatre is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all charitable donations are tax deductible

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Who are we?

We are designers, actors, academics, playwrights, larpwrights, tech mavens, game-makers, puzzle aficionados, musicians, directors, producers and more! Our mission is to support interdisciplinary creators who are engaged in designing, producing and disseminating interactive live performative works.

We hold the values of diversity, inclusion, participation and agency.

What is playable theatre?

Playable theatre broadly describes participatory, immersive  theatrical events—embodied experiences where audiences have meaningful agency to influence the outcome—that bring together aspects of games and theatre to create new forms of art and entertainment. These works encompass a wide range of genres in which participants are an active part of the experience, ranging from forms of immersive theatre to live action roleplaying.


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